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if i had a dollar…

If I had a brick

sorry if I’m off topic but I’m so sick of people characterizing violent crime as “musta been mental illness” it throws us mentally ill people under the bus by perpetuating the stereotype that we’re dangerous

cant we just say there was something going on with that one guy?

ur totally right, many men don’t react violently when faced with rejection.

it was only this one guy.

And that’s why I will forever spite anyone who judges women for lying about having a boyfriend or being gay to avoid just plain out rejecting men.

Even that can get us violence, the girl talked about in the tweet actually HAD a boyfriend.

this reminds me very strongly of the comedian who pointed out that he used to wonder why girls didn’t have any funny crazy ex stories and then realised that girls with crazy exes often end up dead

That comedian is Donald Glover and it’s some of the truest shit ever spoken in a stand up act

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